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2018 Utility Fuel Inventory Model (UFIM) Software and User Support Services

A Message from a "Power User"

"UFIM can do more than what one might expect from an inventory model. UFIM has been one of my favorite tools to work with for many years” Ed Blunk, KCPL

The Utility Fuel Inventory Model

EPRI, through member funding developed the Utility Fuel Inventory Model, UFIM, and maintains ownership of the software. EPRI has signed a software commercialization license with S.Chapel Associates. This license allows S. Chapel Associates to contract directly with companies to provide end-user software support and provide UFIM software training and UFIM-related consulting services.

2018 UFIM Support Services

For 2018 S.Chapel Associates is offering web based support (via internet and telephone)for a fee of $3,000 payable at the time you request the support.

This web and phone support includes training of new users, advice on specific cases and help with technical arguments for senior utility management and regulators.

If you need help beyond web support I will am happy to provide this via a consulting agreement with S.Chapel Associates.

That is it. Simple and straight forward.

Purchase 2018 Support Services

Step 1: Click here to download and review the service agreement

Step 2: Purchase the services through PayPal (below) or via standard contract with S.Chapel Associates

For further information about UFIM support and consulting contact S.Chapel Associates