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New Excel Priority System

If you are considering buying or developing a Project Priority System, this is an opportunity to: (1) learn what a state of the art systems look like, (2) learn the basic concepts behind a Multi-Objective System, (3) try our Excel based system at no cost or obligation, and (4) purchase the system at a fraction of the cost of other commercial and custom designed systems.

  • Our Excel Priority System: In 2017 S.Chapel Associates and Lee Merkhofer Consulting formed a partnership. Under this partnership we have developed a project priority system. This system is based on Multi Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) and is implemented in Excel. For further information on the MODA approach see the software brochure (link below) and Lee Merkhofer's website. Lee Merkhofer Consulting
  • Demo Software is Available: You can use the demo software for free for a period of three weeks.
  • Excel Priority System Brochure: The brochure summarizes our approach to Project Priority Management MODA-Based Priority System

System Description

  • System implementation requires a minimum amount of outside help.
  • State of Art: Project value based on Multi-Objective Decision Analysis (MODA)
    & ranking by benefit / cost.
  • A software license is inexpensive.
  • Demo the software for three weeks at no cost or commitment obligation.

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